Weekly Run Schedule, Locations, and Routes

Wednesday night runs begin promptly at 6 PM.  Show up early to hang out and shoot the breeze.

The Rim Runners’ Wednesday runs are for everyone!  You don’t have to be fast; you don’t even have to run.  Beginners and walk/joggers are welcome.  Some of the regulars are speedy, but a lot of us are not; chances are you’ll find someone your speed to run with.  All of the Wednesday run routes are approximately five miles, but all have opportunities to run or walk a shorter route if you like.  Afterwards, please stick around and socialize, especially after the “brewery runs”.  And there’s no such thing as being too sweaty too hang out with us; you’ll be in good company!

1st Wednesday: Timeout Sports, 1595 Grand Avenue, Billings, MT - Route

2nd Wednesday:  Pioneer Park, 3rd Street West & Ave C, Billings, MT - Route

3rd Wednesday:  Your Choice:

Canyon Creek Brewing, 3060 Gabel Rd, Billing - Route

Applebees, 204 Main St., Billings Heights - Route decided at run

4th Wednesday:   Angry Hanks, 20 North 30th, Billings, MT
 - Route A  -  Route B   (The route, A or B, is decided at the start of the run)  At the end of the run you have a choice of where to rehydrate: Angry Hanks or next door at Thirsty Street.

5th Wednesday: Pioneer park, 3rd Street West & Ave C, Billings, MT - Route

Reminders will be posted to Facebook so make sure to like us!  Plan to enjoy a beverage with the group after the run.


Saturday morning runs: from the YMCA.  We leave at 7 AM. There are often two groups leaving at this time. Faster, & not so faster.  If you don't see us outside, look for us in the lobby. Route can vary, usually about 10k.

Early morning runs:  Attention retirees! If you are up for a 7am morning run (usually Tuesday and/or Thursday), Terry Johns likes to run the Black Otter Trail (6.7 mile loop to the Heights, up to the airport and down 27th Street), or he runs west to 17th and Rimrock (6.5mi).  Park and meet in Dehler Park parking lot on N 25th St, between 9th and 10th Avenues.