Weekly Run Schedule, Locations, and Routes

Wednesday night runs begin promptly at 6 PM.  Show up early to hang out and shoot the breeze.

The Rim Runners’ Wednesday runs are for everyone!  You don’t have to be fast; you don’t even have to run.  Beginners and walk/joggers are welcome.  Some of the regulars are speedy, but a lot of us are not; chances are you’ll find someone your speed to run with.  All of the Wednesday run routes are approximately five miles, but all have opportunities to run or walk a shorter route if you like.  Afterwards, please stick around and socialize, especially after the “brewery runs”.  And there’s no such thing as being too sweaty too hang out with us; you’ll be in good company!

1st Wednesday: Timeout Sports, 1595 Grand Avenue, Billings, MT - Route

2nd Wednesday:  Pioneer Park, 3rd Street West & Ave C, Billings, MT - Route

3rd Wednesday:  Your Choice:

Canyon Creek Brewing, 3060 Gabel Rd, Billing - Route

Applebees, 204 Main St., Billings Heights - Route decided at run

4th Wednesday:   Angry Hanks, 20 North 30th, Billings, MT
 - Route A  -  Route B   (The route, A or B, is decided at the start of the run)  At the end of the run you have a choice of where to rehydrate: Angry Hanks or next door at Thirsty Street.

5th Wednesday: The Divide, 4020 Montana Sapphire Dr, Billings, MT - Route

Reminders will be posted to Facebook so make sure to like us!  Plan to enjoy a beverage with the group after the run.


Saturday morning runs: from the YMCA.  We leave at 7 AM. There are often two groups leaving at this time. Faster, & not so faster.  If you don't see us outside, look for us in the lobby. Route can vary, usually about 10k.