September 25, 2020
Dover Trail Trek

Join us for the final race in the Free 3 series: Dover Trail Trek. The Dover Trail Trek is a short (~2.5 mile) virtual race with hills and beautiful views of the Yellowstone River. Free to all members!


Run anytime you like from Friday, September 25 through Sunday, October 4.

Want to run with people? The Wednesday night club run on 9.30 at 6 pm will be at Dover so you can run the trail race with a small group (self-timed). 


The Dover Trail Trek course (map) is a 2.51 mile long, loop course with mixed flat and hilly terrain on unpaved paths.

We'll mark the course with signs so you can find your way. Look for signs with dp (for Dover Park) and an arrow. Don't worry if you take a wrong turn or get lost: that's part of the fun of trail racing. Enjoy the gorgeous views!

The race start and finish is just east of the parking lot (Google map to Dover Park)

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