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2020-12-25 “The Clydesdale” David Omen Santa’s Rim Runner and Reindeer Team

Santa needed faster reindeer because the world population is now too large to deliver all the presents in one day. Santa thought, if his reindeer were as fast as Rim Runners, he could still handle all this over population so he picked Rim Runners to train and coach his reindeer. This try failed and Santa was forced to try to use Rim Runners to pull his sleigh. This didn’t work either because Rim Runners are bad at landing and taking off. Next Santa tried to have the reindeer train and coach Rim Runners to land and take off. This still did not work. Santa then decided to use both Reindeer and Rim Runner for his sleigh team. This worked great because he had both the needed speed and flying skills. Another Christmas has been saved by the Rim Runners.  This must not get out destroying the great image of Reindeer which is fine with Rim Runners who already have many legends to live out. Santa and his elves learned enough about running to coach and train reindeer to be as fast as Rim Runners. The reindeer will be forced to run day and night. If Rim Runners were forced to run all the time, they would love it. Reindeer do not think this way and will hate all this running. Santa and the elves have a year to get the reindeer fast. We can only hope it works and the legend of reindeer will continue. If not, the Rim Runners could end up with another top secret mission for Santa.

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