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2020-08-01 Newsletter Editor Staying Hydrated on the Run

It got really hot this month! If you like to plan your summer running routes where you can grab a drink, you may have noticed that it is a bit more difficult this summer. Billings Parks & Recreation cannot turn on the park drinking fountains due to COVID and many of your favorite stops are likely in the same boat. To keep safely hydrated on the run this summer, you may need to explore other ways to get some water. One idea is to stash a water bottle along your route.

Leave it at a friend’s house that you run by or leave it by your front door and run large loops around your house to get a drink. A second idea is to bring money and buy a drink on your run. Or try running with a hydration pack, belt or bottle. They come in many different sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

If you’d like to buy one locally, remember that Yellowstone Rim Runners get a 15% discount at Time Out Sports. They have our membership list on their computer - they’ll look you up when you check out.

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