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2020-08-01 Christina Gomer Notes from the President

Greetings Fellow Rim Runners! It seems like only yesterday I was asking about your New Years Resolutions (speaking of - how are they coming along?) and now we find ourselves 2/3rds of the way through the year. Looking back at some noteworthy news from July, on the National scale, the Marine Corps Marathon announced their cancellation. This means that four out of the five largest marathons in the United States have now been cancelled for 2020: New York, Chicago, and Boston Marathons had previously been cancelled, leaving only Honolulu still on the schedule for December 13. On a local scale, Billings hosted several running events with solid participation: the Chief Joseph Uphill Run, the Big Sky State Games, and the Queen Bee 13.1/10k/5k. Looking towards the remainder of the year, several running events are still on the calendar, including the 2 remaining legs of the inaugural Rim Runner Free Three (the Rim Runner Mile and a trail run at Dover Park), the rescheduled Shamrock Run, and the Run Turkey Run (our 10th anniversary). As always, safety and health are our top priorities so these plans are subject to change. Now, if you've stuck with me this far... it's time to get to the real meat of my message for you this month.

Here are some horribly cheesy running jokes to keep you laughing:

How do you know if you are a dedicated runner? When your training log has more miles than your car.

Mothers: If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? Runners: I dunno, is there a finishers medal and tshirt?

The things I like most about running are eating carbs, having people cheer for me, and wearing comfortable shoes.

And lastly, what do treadmills and these jokes have in common? They are both terrible! Stay healthy and stay

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