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2021-03-31 Dave Coppock April President's Letter

Starting this year, the Rimrunners have untethered the annual membership dues from the Shamrock Run. In the past, by entering the Shamrock Run, you became a Rimrunners member. Now, you can join the club by going to and simply renew your annual membership!

Some of the benefits of joining the Rimrunners aren’t so apparent, yet they’re very important. Besides finding running partners or groups to train with, the Rimrunners have long been advocates for the development of trails and paths in our community. We help sponsor Billings TrailNet, the organization which has been developing trails and bike paths throughout Billings. We’ve also supported Dover Park, which is a great trail system in the Heights. The Club also funded the vault toilet atop the Rims at Swords Park; a handy place for a pit stop.

In promoting youth running, we’ve helped fund and assist in the running of the Yes! For Kids cross country meet, which draws around 1,000 grade school cross country runners to Pioneer Park. The Club has also contributed funds to purchase running shoes for needy grade school kids whose families may not be able to afford a decent pair of running shoes for their child.

Besides fundraising and financial support of events, we roll up our sleeves and help clean up our running trails and bike paths. The Club has adopted a section of trail on the west end from 29th to 24th streets (part of our Canyon Creek Wednesday Night Run). We encourage you to take part, Saturday, April 24, noon, starting at the parking lot just across from Old Chicago.

So, this Spring please join in and renew your membership and help contribute to making Billings a great running community!

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