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2021-02-28 Dave Coppock March 2021 President's Letter
I’m going to go out on a limb and report that winter is about over, but I know better after living most of my life in Montana. We were able to keep the Club runs going, for the most part and thanks to Dan and Nancy Hillman, who organized the Froze Noze Run on Super Bowl Sunday, we even had a winter road race.

We’re still under some restrictions from the pandemic and as a result our annual Shamrock Run will be virtual for this year, but we expect some good participation. The Rimrunners’s first Shamrock Run was held in 1982 and was a small club run starting at Guy and Debra Cox’s house on Avenue C and was followed by a potluck. Eventually, we opened the run up to bring in more participants and the race grew over the years to over 500 runners. We’re hoping to get back to those days soon!

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