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2021-02-28 Marlena Lanini Join YRR: Meet People. Have Fun. Run More.
Thank you to the many new and returning members who have already signed up for their annual Yellowstone Rim Runners (YRR) membership! For those of you who joined YRR last year during the Shamrock Run, your current membership expires this month.

To maximize your benefits as a Yellowstone Rim Runner, we are changing how you sign up for the club this year. Club membership is no longer tied to registration for the Shamrock Run and you will sign up for the Club separately. You will receive a one-year membership from the date you sign up. Membership dues are $15 for an individual and $24 for a family, plus a processing fee.

Membership to Yellowstone Rim Runners has great benefits! You'll meet people, have fun and run more.

Sign-up for membership here.

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